Trump Administration Continues to Block People from Seeking Asylum

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The Trump administration will force asylum seekers fleeing violence to make a stop in El Salvador, another country where people are currently fleeing violence.

Washington, D.C.According to the AP, the Trump administration will be signing a “cooperative asylum agreement” with El Salvador, designating it a “haven for migrants seeking asylum,” despite the fact that El Salvadorians have been fleeing their home country due to increased violence. Earlier this summer the Trump administration threatened to withhold all federal assistance to Central American countries unless they agreed to help the administration in its efforts to restrict people from coming to seek asylum at the southern border. 

Adrian Reyna, Strategy Director of United We Dream Action, said: 

“Here is yet another way Trump is making it impossible for people to seek asylum in the U.S. This agreement will force people seeking asylum and fleeing violence to stay in El Salvador and seek asylum, while continuing to be at risk there. Trump and his administration led by Stephen Miller are committed to harming immigrant communities and we will fight to put an end to it. 

Presidential candidates must commit to immediately end this agreement upon taking office, and any others like it, while also committing to implementing policies that welcome immigrants. We want candidates to commit to break away from racist policies, and instead lead the country to treat immigrants as human beings, and change the laws governing migration, allowing people to be #FreeToMove, and #FreeToStay. ”  


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