Immigrant Youth Endorse Johana Bencomo for Las Cruces Council District 4

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Johana Bencomo has proven her commitment to serve the underrepresented immigrant communities of Las Cruces through her work in social justice

Las Cruces, N.M. – Today, immigrant youth of United We Dream Action (UWDA) announced its endorsement of Johana Bencomo for Las Cruces City Council District 4. Johana Bencomo has committed  to fight for immigrant justice at every turn and understands the power and responsibility that local municipalities have in protecting our immigrant communities when the federal government won’t. Through her organizing, she successfully led efforts to make Las Cruces a welcoming environment for our immigrant communities and played a key role in the city’s rejection of Operation Stonegarden funds which promote collaboration between local law enforcement agencies and federal immigration agencies. 

On the Council, Johana plans to continue this work while seeking partnership with other local counties to end profiting from immigrant detention. Johana Bencomo is the right candidate to help protect immigrant youth, and fight back against Donald Trump and his anti-immigrant agenda in a city located in what many consider to be ground zero for our nation’s current immigration issues. 

Uriel Rosales, DACA recipient, NMSU student and member of United We Dream Action, said: 

“We voted and agreed to support Johana Bencomo for city council because we believe she will fight for our immigrant community and communities of color in Las Cruces. She lifts up the voices of our people and has policy solutions that reflect and address the needs and concerns of those targeted by the deportation force” 

You can also find the endorsement announcement online on our Twitter.

Perla Aguilar, NMSU student and member of United We Dream Action member living in Las Cruces, said: 

“We need someone who is determined to ensure our immigrant communities feel safe in their homes by not collaborating with the inhumane federal immigration agencies currently terrorizing our immigrant community and communities of color. It is our duty to play a role in elections to ensure our communities’ ability to live with dignity.”

UWDA’s members led the endorsement process. To be a part of the local endorsement committees, members  must be constituents of the state and/or district of each race and be directly impacted by the policies of the elected officials in power. 

  • UWDA sent questionnaires to candidates in key races. 
  • Local UWDA members reviewed the candidate’s responses and held interviews with the candidate to ask additional questions. 
  • Local members voted to either approve or decline the endorsement. 
  • Candidates that reach 51% of the members’ support are endorsed.

Felipe Rodriguez, New Mexico campaign manager for United We Dream Action said: 

“Our mission in endorsing candidates is to put a spotlight on the candidates that are committed to the policies and values that improve the lives of immigrants and people of color. If they win in November, we will continue to hold them accountable to our community.” 

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