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The Supreme Court Rules Against Trump; November Election is DACA’s Next Stop

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The Supreme Court ruled DACA can remain for now, but as long as Trump is in the White House all our communities are in threat.

Washington, D.C. – In a  5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program cases, arguing that the Trump administration’s rescission of the program was arbitrary and capricious. The ruling allows DACA to remain in place giving temporary relief to DACA recipients and their families.

Cristina Jiménez, Co-founder and Executive Director of United We Dream Action, said:

“Immigrant youth can rejoice knowing that Trump’s attempts to strip them of their ability to work and protections from deportation have failed. The Supreme Court’s decision on DACA solidifies what we’ve known all along: Trump’s cruel decision to end DACA was motivated by his and Stephen Miller’s white supremacist plans to deport all immigrants. 

This decision comes at a moment of courageous uprising as millions of Black people and allies take to the streets to demand justice after the continued murders of Black people at the hands of police. Leaders have called for the defunding of police and for Trump to resign. Immigrant young people wholeheartedly support those demands because we know that the mechanisms built to target, jail, and deport immigrants are rooted in, and function in collaboration with the systems of anti-Black racism and white supremacy. We must defund the police and we must defund the deportation force of ICE and CBP. 

Although today’s decision is a welcomed good news,  the truth is that Trump could still end DACA. As long as Trump is in the White House our communities are vulnerable.  This election is the fight for our lives and this is why we’re mobilizing voters to the polls in November so that we can defeat Trump. 

Just like we fought for and won DACA, we will fight for and win policies that will truly protect our communities, like defunding the police, abolishing ICE, and passing permanent protections that help people without hurting people.” 


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