Trump First Tried to End DACA 3 Years Ago – if Re-elected, He’ll Finish the Job

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Washington, D.C.  – Tomorrow marks the 3-year anniversary of Trump’s rescission of DACA, when he put the lives of over 800,000 immigrant young people at risk of deportation. We fought back every step of the way, winning the ability for renewals to continue.  Still, Trump has been relentless, defying the Supreme Court, and issuing new guidance to reject new-first time DACA applications, and cutting the renewal period for current DACA recipients from two years to one. This latest attack dismantles the DACA program as we knew it.  But more importantly sets him up to deport DACA recipients if he wins re-election.  

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Adrian Reyna, Former DACA Recipient and Director of Strategy of United We Dream Action, said:

“Four more years of Trump would mean a sure-end to DACA and the deportation of thousands more immigrants and their families. The only way to protect DACA recipients, undocumented people, and all immigrants, is to get Trump out of office. Trump has been obsessed with trying to end DACA, putting the lives of hundreds of thousands of immigrant young people at risk of deportation. Our community has shown up and fought back every step of the way. Our work will not end at the ballot box, but it is an important step that eligible voters turn out to rebuke anti-immigrant politics. ” 


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