ICYMI: Majority Leader Schumer and Senate Democrats Have All the Power to Deliver Citizenship This Year!

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Washington, D.C. – All year long, immigrant youth have made it clear to President Biden and Democrats in Congress that they have all the power to deliver citizenship for millions of immigrants this year. As Senate Democrats wait to hear from the Senate parliamentarian, our young leaders Dania and Katia are reminding Majority Leader Schumer and all Senate Democrats that no matter what the parliamentarian says, they can and must deliver permanent protections for immigrant communities and families like theirs this year!

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Dania, Member of United We Dream Action, said:

“When I was a child, my father was deported. This was a terrifying time for my family and while my father continues to be a part of my life, for many people, deportation has torn apart their family indefinitely and is a trauma they never should experience. As a U.S. citizen living in a mixed-status family, I’m fighting to protect my undocumented loved ones. In 2020, I voted for Joe Biden because he promised to protect families like mine and deliver citizenship. Now is the time for President Biden and all Senate Democrats to follow through on their word. I’m certain that Democrats up for re-election will face the political consequences in 2022 and 2024 from voters like me if they fail to deliver citizenship. If they want to win, they must deliver for families like mine.”

Katia, Member of United We Dream Action, said:

“After my DACA application was not allowed to be processed after the most recent court ruling in Texas, I know firsthand that temporary protections have always been the floor, not the ceiling of what’s possible to protect immigrant communities. I’m using the power of my voice and my community to remind Senate Democrats that my life, and the lives of millions of undocumented people including my parents, remain at risk. We need permanent protections. Every minute that passes without a pathway to citizenship, is another minute Majority Leader Schumer and all Senate Democrats are choosing to leave me and my parents vulnerable to detention and deportation. The Build Back Better bill isn’t final until President Biden signs it. Under the leadership of Majority Leader Schumer, Senate Democrats must be prepared to disregard the parliamentarian if me, my family, and millions of other immigrants are excluded.”


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