SCOTUS is Primed to End The Right To An Abortion. We Need Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Reproductive Justice Champions To Meet This Moment!

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Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, an initial majority draft opinion circulated within the U.S. Supreme Court and obtained by POLITICO revealed the Supreme Court is planning to strike down the landmark Roe v. Wade decision which guarantees federal constitutional protections of abortion rights.

Greisa Martinez Rosas, Executive Director of United We Dream Action, said:

“Abortion care is a fundamental human right, and while this draft opinion from the Supreme Court is not final, it does shed light on the reality that the Court, with two stolen seats, is primed to limit people’s right to abortion care and more. Right now, millions of people are feeling the fear and anxiety of our lives being on the line. Those feelings are a direct result of the constant attacks from Republican elected officials on our rights, from our protected rights to abortion care under Roe v. Wade, to attacks on LGBTQ youth. 

Black, brown, and undocumented communities have disproportionately faced the terrifying and deadly impact of Congress’ inaction to protect and expand our human rights. The war against reproductive rights has had rippling effects on undocumented and immigrant people who continue to face unprecedented violence. Some undocumented people in places like South Texas would have to cross through border checkpoints, risking deportation, to receive reproductive care. In order to achieve genuine protections for everyone seeking reproductive care, we must remove every single Republican and Democrat who believes our lives are expendable and have chosen to obstruct legislation – from a pathway to citizenship to the Women’s Health Protection Act – for their own corrupt incentives. 

Let me be very clear: any outcome from the Supreme Court that limits the right to an abortion, even if not an outright ban, is a threat. We’ve already seen how limits to abortion in states like Texas and Florida enacted by Republican-controlled state legislatures have hurt people. Right now, Democrats hold the majority, and they need to act like it by ending the filibuster and passing abortion rights and a pathway to citizenship. We mobilized in 2020 for progressive and expansive policies that meet the needs of our lives. It’s beyond time to step up!”


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