We Delivered Yet Again – Now It’s Time For Democrats In Congress To Deliver For Us!

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Congress has an opportunity now to include citizenship for millions in their end of year funding bill.

Washington, D.C.— Over the weekend it became clear that Democrats will retain control of the Senate as races were called in Arizona and Nevada. While we wait for a runoff in Georgia, we have seen progressive wins and victories across the country proving once again pro-immigrant candidates and policies are extremely popular with millions of people across the country. 

On top of that, we saw voters turn out because they want to see action from Congress, they want their elected officials to move on the issues that most impact their lives. Congress has a golden opportunity this lame duck session to act quickly to protect immigrants now.

Bruna Sollod, Senior Political and Communications Director said: 

“To say Democrats have fared better than expected following this week’s elections is an understatement, and they have a young, multi-racial coalition and grassroots organizers to thank for it. As we wait for the final make-up of the next Congress, what is clear at this moment is that this Congress still has the opportunity to deliver much needed protections for immigrants. Democrats such as Greg Casar of Texas and John Fetterman of Pennsylvania ran campaigns sharing a proactive vision for an America that lives up to our values of welcoming immigrants. These elections have also shown us that pro-immigrant policies are popular, with the passage of a driver’s license for all ballot initiative in Massachusetts, and tuition equity for all students in Arizona. 

We are in a moment of great urgency for millions of families across the country. We cannot wait for DACA to end before Congress takes action. Our communities need relief and we need it now! We know, and this cycle showed us again that voters in our community want more than just nice words and empty promises — they want action. Voters will deliver when they are heard, when they are invested in, and when they see their votes pay off – so let’s give people more to celebrate this year.”


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