MAGA Republicans in Arizona, Texas and Beyond Are Previewing What Another Trump White House Would Entail

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We urge Arizonans and Local Lawmakers to Publicly Reject HCR 2060

Phoenix, AZ – Last week, the Arizona Senate Committee of the Whole passed HCR 2060, a vile, anti-immigrant ballot referral that would lead to mass racial profiling and deportations in the state. This billion-dollar taxpayer-funded immigration enforcement plan mirrors the state’s horrific SB 1070 law and includes amendments targeting DACA recipients, threatening them with criminal charges and deportations if the DACA program were to be overturned in the courts or ended by a hostile administration. It would also require employers to utilize the flawed E-Verify system as a means to target immigrants in the state. 

Arizona community members and over a dozen organizations are hosting a two-day rally at the Arizona Capitol from May 14th to May 15th and beginning at 10 AM to oppose SB 1070 2.0 (HCR 2060). We invite the press to join us as we stand against this racist bill.

Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA):

“HCR 2060 is a monstrous reincarnation of SB 1070, poised to destroy Arizona’s communities and drive families across Arizona into hiding out of fear and persecution. This bill is a vicious attack, now targeting DACA recipients and their loved ones. Republicans want Arizona to be the testing ground for Donald Trump’s vision of America if he wins in November—an America where mass deportation camps and widespread family separations by local law enforcement and the US military become the norm. This dystopian reality is utterly unacceptable for our communities. HCR 2060 is fatally flawed and steeped in racism, and it must be unequivocally rejected by both lawmakers and voters.”

Bruna Sollod, Senior Political Director of United We Dream Action, said:

“MAGA Republicans across the country are coordinating the very infrastructure for mass deportations inspired by Texas’ cruel SB4 and reinvigorated by the upcoming elections. Hopeful for another four years of Trump in office, extremist and anti-immigrant Republicans are previewing exactly what another MAGA White House will look like: an end to DACA by any means necessary, mass racial profiling of Black and brown people in the states they call home, violent targeting of ALL immigrants not just in Arizona, but also in Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa and beyond where bills just like HCR 2060 are being replicated. There is a real possibility that the 5th Circuit Court will rule against DACA this year. MAGA Republicans know this and they’re priming their states to have the laws in place to mass deport our communities. 

There is no excuse for the Biden Administration to not take immediate, urgent action to deliver permanent protections for our communities. If President Biden and Democrats in Congress allow DACA to end without ensuring there is a safety net in place to protect our communities from the attacks Republicans are gearing up right before our eyes, they will be responsible for millions of people violently harmed and separated from their families.

Following the lead of our partners at LUCHA on the ground in Arizona, immigrant youth are coordinated and ready to fight back against the hateful conditions MAGA politicians are hellbent on creating for us in the places we call home. We won’t stop until we block HCR 2060 and every bill like it and ensure everyone has the freedoms to move, stay, live, and thrive.”


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