We must defeat Trump in Minnesota

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If you’re a fan of Ilhan Omar, then you MUST vote Trump out of office.

Trump has been a disaster for Minnesota, and that’s why he hates Ilhan Omar.

She won’t stand for his lies about the severity of COVID-19, or his failed in his response to the pandemic.

She fights back when he prioritizes funding for his deportation forces and detention camps over relief for people in Minnesota who need it.

She stands against his OBSESSION with harming immigrants. Trump even wanted to end DACA and deport immigrant youth in the middle of the pandemic.

And she calls him out when he stokes white nationalism, attacks peaceful protestors, or defends Neo-Nazis.

As long as Trump is in the White House, our communities are vulnerable, DACA isn’t safe, and people will suffer.

Supporting Ilhan Omar means voting out Trump. We know exactly what another four years of Trump will look like, and we’re having NONE of it. Sign up to help defeat Trump in Minnesota.

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