Greg Casar



Primary Victory!

Candidate Spotlight:

  • Greg Casar kept immigrant families from being separated by leading the statewide campaign against Texas Senate Bill 4—the infamous “Show Me Your Papers” law.
  • He authored “Freedom City” policies that have reduced discriminatory arrests across Texas, and he worked to get those policies passed in San Antonio, Austin, and Hays County.
  • Greg knows that being an immigrant rights champion also means being a labor rights champion and a reproductive rights champion. That’s why, as a Austin City Council Member, he passed a bill to increase paid sick leave for workers and fought to keep a Planned Parenthood clinic open when Republicans in the state tried to shut it down.
  • As a Council Member for the city of Austin, Greg passed bold, progressive policies that brought substantive changes to his community and set the standard statewide for what policymaking can look like.
  • Greg is ready to take his vision to Congress to continue to fight for the people of the 35th congressional district.