Executive Leadership Transition

This January, United We Dream is launching a one-year, inclusive and open process to select the new executive leadership of our network.

Our Transition Process



Staff, NLC and Board members along with partners will be surveyed and interviewed on what they most want to see from the next executive leadership of UWD.


Shared Ownership

A Transition Committee is being formed by Members of the UWD staff, Board of Directors and National Leadership Committee to develop the role description, evaluate candidate applications and select finalists.


Decision Making

Our Board of Directors will make the hiring decision.



Cristina will transition to the role of advisor to the new executive leadership this Summer. Both Cristina and the Transition Committee will stay in place to support the new executive leadership to ensure they have the support they need to lead.

Support The Next Chapter of United We Dream

Read Cristina’s Reflections on the Leadership Transition and Her Time As Executive Director

“We are grateful to Cristina for her leadership and excited for United We Dream’s next chapter. UWD is stronger than ever and after extensive planning, we are excited to launch this one-year executive leadership search, selection and transition process. It is a reflection of who we are as a network: led by immigrant youth. And we will build a community of support around the new executive leadership to take our network to new heights.”

Questions and Answers

As organizers, a core part of our jobs is to train a new generation of leaders to bring their own experiences and insight into the roles we play. This is an essential part of building a big and vibrant movement for justice! UWD is stronger than ever and is ready for its next chapter.

In 2020, we will give everything we have to hold the white nationalists accountable. Next year – 2021 – will bring a new set of political realities and we want to be sure that our network has a new and established executive leadership to take them on. It is time for United We Dream’s next chapter and we are ready.

For many immigrant families, working people and people of color – transitions and change happen for many reasons out of our control. Sometimes transitions have meant trauma and pain so we avoid them. But transitions can also be openings for transformation and amazing new possibilities. We hope that the United We Dream transition is a model for how immigrant youth can self-determine and make change happen in a healthy and supportive way.

Today, our network is stronger than ever with over 720,000 members, over 100 local groups and a reach of over 5 million per month. Our amazing current and former staff and leaders have trained 60,000 immigrant youth in organizing, have stopped over 700 deportations and have won systematic change.

This January, we are beginning an open and inclusive process for selecting the next executive leadership of United We Dream. Once the application period starts, anyone can apply to be considered though a preference will be shown for candidates from within  United We Dream. We expect to announce the new executive leadership in the second quarter of 2020. Cristina and the Transition Committee will then support the new executive leadership to ensure they are set up to succeed.

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