Immigrant Youth Take Dream Act Fight and Protection of Immigrants and People of Color Directly to Voters

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United We Dream Action Will Turn Out Voters Against the Politicians Who Failed to Pass the Dream Act and Who Rubber Stamped the Trump Mass Deportation Agenda

August 22, 2018

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Washington, D.C. and Cities Nationwide – Today, United We Dream Action (UWDA) unveils its Here to Stay campaign, to defeat the politicians who put immigrant youth in danger of deportation and enable Trump’s mass deportation agenda. Faced with increasing danger, the immigrant youth of United We Dream Action are rising up and bringing their case directly to voters, hitting the campaign trail in 2018.

Cristina Jimenez, Executive Director of United We Dream Action said, “UWDA’s electoral strategy is to elect champions for immigrant youth and families, punish politicians who rubber stamped Trump’s mass deportation agenda, and ensure that protection and justice for immigrants and people of color are at the forefront of the progressive agenda.”

When Trump announced he would end DACA and other programs that protect immigrants and the Republican-controlled Congress failed to pass a clean Dream Act and sent billions more to the Deportation Force, the fate and safety of every undocumented immigrant fell into the hands of the American voter this November.

With the Here to Stay campaign, UWDA will endorse candidates, reach voters at their doors, hold phone banks, buy digital advertising and more. We will contact more than 500,000 voters in key races to punish politicians who chose to protect Trump over the lives of immigrant youth and their families.

Adrian Reyna, Campaign Director of United We Dream Action said, “During the campaign for the Dream Act, we chanted that we were #HereToStay and we meant it.  We rallied, we protested and now we are taking our fight to protect our families to the campaign trail. The Republican-controlled Congress killed the Dream Act, endorsed Trump’s mass deportation agenda, and now it’s time to elect new people to Congress who will fight for us.”

Elizabeth Cuna, National Field Director for United We Dream Action said, “The fight for the Dream Act and to protect immigrants is a fight to save our democracy. The same politicians who put my family at risk have rubber stamped his agenda of division and attacks on people of color, workers, women and LGBTQ people. This is life or death for us and we will fight with everything we have for our right to live without fear and to thrive.”



United We Dream Action is the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation, a powerful network made up of over 500,000 members and 48 affiliate organizations across 26 states.