You are invited to our next Squad’s Community gathering for undocu-folks. At these community gatherings, you’ll have an opportunity to get to know the Squad, and conspire together for the future our community deserves!

Find an event:

If you are in Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, or the East Coast

Tuesday, September 26, 2023 at 6:30pm ET

If you are in Colorado, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada, or the West Coast

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 at 6:30pm MT

What We're Fighting For:

How We're Going to Win

We are building a crew of nimble, dedicated and effective leaders to organize across the country and win for our families, our loved ones, and ourselves. We are growing our movement, taking action everywhere. And now it’s your turn!

Step 1

Sign up to join the Squad

you’ll join a group of immigrant youth and allies committed to winning dignity and permanent protections for our immigrant communities.

Step 2

Get access to tools and resources

You’ll get guides, handbooks and tools for success, exclusive access to our “virtual campaign office”, and hands on coaching!

Step 3

Lead or join local events and actions

Everything from actions and rallies, community meetings, phone and text banks, to visits with elected officials, letter writing parties, and so much more.

Join The Squad!

We are who we have been waiting for. Our people have the power and together, we’ll be heard loud and clear! No matter who is in office, we will hold them accountable to prioritize our immigrant communities!

We are joining together to take action in ways Congress and the Biden Administration can’t ignore us! We are building a crew of nimble, dedicated and effective leaders to win for our families, our loved ones, and ourselves.

Sign up to join our Squad!

  • You will lead local events and actions to apply direct pressure to elected officials.

  • We’ll provide training AND regular hands-on coaching to further develop your leadership skills.

  • You’ll meet other immigrant youth and allies from around the country committed to protecting immigrant communities.

  • As a leader in our Squad, you’ll get the most up to date political state-of-play information and create our plan of action to win.

Join our Squad to take the future into our own hands. This space is for you, if you’re undocumented, a DACA holder, a TPS holder, or an ally ready to take action (or willing to learn how to take action) to change the future for our communities!