Immigrant Youth Will Have A Key Role in 2020 Election

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Washington, D.C. – In 2020, the Supreme Court of the United States will be deciding on the Trump administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The decision will have an impact on over 700,000 DACA recipients and their families and friends. No matter the decision, immigrant youth will continue to fight for permanent protections that help people without hurting people, and that allow people to be Free To Move, and Free To Stay.  

United We Dream Action will be providing extensive training and mobilizing hundreds of immigrant youth to reach out to voters and get them to the polls in November. 

An MTV News article featuring three United We Dream Action members highlights the important role immigrant youth will play in the 2020 election, writing that “18-year-olds and immigrants who become citizens make up the majority of newly eligible voters.” The three UWDA members, all first-time voters, spoke to MTV News about why immigration is one of their key voting issues. 

In the article, all three UWDA members highlight the need for presidential candidates to move beyond talking about just protecting DACA recipients, instead having inclusive and proactive policies on immigration that will stop all  deportations while also cutting funding to ICE and CBP. 

When asked by MTV News what a “perfect candidate’s” position on immigration would be, Ricardo Chavez, UWDA member from Oklahoma, said: “Someone who is willing to commit to ending all deportation, someone who’s willing to end and defund agencies that have been targeting and dehumanizing the immigrant community, like ICE and CBP, and just overall, someone who is going to commit and put in the work for the immigrant community and finding ways to provide protections for all immigrants.” Click here to read the entire MTV News article


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