Sens. Cornyn and Cruz Ignore the Needs of Texans, While Distracting and Dividing Us With Anti-Immigrant Stunts

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Houston, Texas – In an effort to further their anti-immigrant agenda and embolden white supremacist rhetoric, last week Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz of Texas organized a group of Republican Senators as well as Texas state leaders on a tour of the southern border this week. 

Juan José Martinez-Guevara, Texas Advocacy Coordinator of United We Dream, said:

“Senators Cornyn and Cruz’s latest political stunt is a prime example of the lengths some politicians will go to scapegoat immigrant communities in an effort to distract from their countless failures. By making it harder for people who are immigrants to move, and by terrorizing border communities, Senators Cornyn and Cruz are inciting hate amongst their xenophobic base. 

In the last few years, we have experienced the pain first hand when words and stunts against our communities incited violent acts by white supremacists against Black, brown, and immigrant people. Instead of dangerous stunts that only seek to divide us against each other, our elected officials should be focusing on solutions for the challenges that all Texans are currently facing. Texas is currently entering the fourth heat wave of the season with a stark possibility that energy strain could lead to rolling blackouts on one of the hottest summers on record. Our communities need solutions and investments in our wellbeing from our elected officials.”

Susie Lujano, United We Dream member from Texas, said:

“Anti-immigrant rhetoric incites violence by white supremacists at the deepest level. As a mother, daughter of immigrants, DACA recipient and Texan, I live scared for my family because I’ve witnessed how stunts like this one can have horrifying consequences in places like El Paso.

Senators Cornyn and Cruz are putting the lives of Black, brown, and immigrant people at risk for the sake of scoring political points by trying to divide us. Dangerous anti-immigrant rhetoric and stunts such as this create division and hatred, and they dehumanize our communities. Instead of trying to divide us and spreading fear and hate, politicians must focus on the real needs of Texans, from making sure everyone, regardless of immigration status has what they need to thrive.”


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