The Use of Chainsaw-like Blades By Governor Abbott is The Disturbing Result of Dehumanizing Rhetoric

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Gov. Abbott has shown a disregard for people’s humanity, and is actively violating human rights and must be impeached!

Texas – Yesterday, Representatives Sylvia Garcia and Joaquin Castro tweeted videos condemning Governor Abbot’s cruel use of chainsaw-like blades on buoys that are eventually placed in the Rio Grande. It’s clear that this inhumane enforcement practice by Texas Governor Abbott knows no bounds which is why United We Dream Action has called for his impeachment for his deliberate misuse of taxpayer dollars to fund human rights abuses. 

Juan Jose Martinez-Guevera, Texas Advocacy Manager of United We Dream, said:

“The discovery of chainsaw-like blades in the buoys Governor Abbott has used to place in the Rio Grande is disturbing and must be stopped. The cruelty of Operation Lone Star by Governor Abbott has been highlighted over and over again. Just last month whistleblowers came forward with accounts of instructions to Texas troopers to deny water to migrants and to push children and pregnant migrants back into the Rio Grande. These cruel and inhumane tactics are the real-life policy that comes as a result of the dangerous and dehumanizing rhetoric that Governor Abbott and other Republican politicians have levied against immigrants. 

Governor Abbott’s disregard for humanity is in stark contrast to the welcoming culture of the majority of Texans. His harmful words have turned into violent actions. He has shown a disregard for people’s humanity, and is actively violating human rights. We must come together in not only condemning these actions, but also in calling for the impeachment of Governor Abbott.”


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